How Sovannahry Em Spends A Perfect Valentine’s Day

Cambodian-American Sovannahry Em made her ONE Championship debut at ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS in early December with another astonishing first-round finish, but the emerging flyweight has not only been successful in the cage.

The undefeated athlete nicknamed “Sweet Savage” draws a lot of her confidence and stability from her sweetheart and partner in crime, famed author and podcaster Daniele Bolelli.

The power couple has been together since the fall of 2012 and shares a lot of mutual interests, including martial arts and a passion for food.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Sovannahry Em shared some of her best tricks to make 14 February an unforgettable celebration of love.

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#1. Don’t go overboard

It’s easy to want to go the extra mile for the one you cherish, but sometimes less can be more.

Instead of buying expensive things, Em prefers to kick back with her beloved and indulge in their favorite hobbies.

“We don’t have anything planned,” Em explains. “This might sound a little bit boring… but we just do our own thing.”

“I guess we might be cooking something different or coming up with a new fight technique,” she shares with a laugh.

“So either food or fighting!”

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Sovannahry Em Daniele Bolelli Khmer Komlang ONE Championship

#2. Get inspired from your early days together

Em and Daniele used to live across from each other and started as good friends before their relationship started blossoming.

The duo very early set the model for their down-to-earth relationship and has kept it steady for more than six years.

The undefeated “Sweet Savage” reveals that is was Daniele that got her into boxing, and set her on a course towards ONE Championship stardom.

“In the beginning, he would invite me over, and he would introduce me to a lot of different foods, particularly Italian food,” the flyweight talent shares.

“When we started dating, we would walk to the beach together.”

“We would also do meditation, or we would do boxing. That’s how I got started.”

“After a while, we liked being around each other, and things took off from there.”

Daniele Bolleli, Sovannahry Em, Khmer Komlang

#3. Dare to dream together

Em regards herself as a beach lover while Daniele prefers a good hike up the mountains.

If time and money would allow them, the rising star says that she would love to surprise her man with two tickets to a land far far away.

“We would love to go to Bhutan; it’s kind of our latest craze at the moment,” Em states.

“I’d love to go with him to Cambodia and Thailand eventually, but right now Bhutan is on our list.

“It’s so beautiful, and there’s very little internet there. So we would just be enjoying nature.”

“The Bhutanese food looks amazing too,” she continues.

Cozy evenings at home or voyages to foreign countries, Em says that the most important is that you spend your Valentine’s Day with someone who appreciates you as a person and makes you feel comfortable.

“He was always himself. It was very relaxing. You can feel another person’s energy if they’re nervous or putting on a different face, she shares.

“We are always trying to make each other laugh and smile all the time.”

“I’m kind of spoiled,” she concludes with a laugh.

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