4 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Chan Rothana

ONE Championship flyweight superstar Chan Rothana has made a name for himself as a stoic combatant who takes his craft very seriously.

In early December at ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPION, he made a grand return in the world’s largest martial arts organization by stopping previously undefeated Indonesian Abro Fernandes via technical knockout in the second round of their mixed martial arts thriller.

Widely regarded as one of Cambodia’s finest athletes, the 32-year-old’s mixed martial arts and Kun Khmer bouts are now viewed all over the world. Few people, however, actually know the man outside of the cage.

Here are four interesting things you might not know about Chan Rothana.

#1 He Loves Dinosaur And Monster Movies

It is no surprise Rothana’s favorite movies involve some kind of combat, but who would have known that he actually prefers monsters and dinosaurs rather than real-life action heroes?

The Kun Khmer pugilist says he is usually too busy to sit down to watch a movie, but when he does find the time, he enjoys the same type of films as he did in his childhood.

“I like dinosaur movies and the ones that have those huge monsters fighting,” he explains. “I’ve enjoyed those types of movies since I was a kid, and I still do.”

#2 His Favorite Superhero Is Superman

Chan Rothana is a real-life superhero to many, but if he has to choose his favorite one, he goes with DC Comic’s Superman.

The reason is simple.

“My favorite superhero is Superman because he has it all — he can fly and he has super strength. I want all of that,” the Cambodian says.

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#3 Chan Rothana Is A Fast Learner

Rothana comes from an extensive Yutakhun Khom background, an ancient Khmer martial art he learned from his father.

Since his early days as a martial artist, the flyweight has kept building on his arsenal. Now he has become a full-fledged mixed martial artist who can challenge his opponents everywhere. 

He owes his development to his ability to quickly pick up new skills, something that is not only confined to martial arts.

“I am a fast learner. Whenever I see something, I can quickly do the same thing, almost straight away,” he explains. “It doesn’t matter if it is grappling or cooking food — if I see it, I can do it.”

#4 His Proudest Moment Was In ONE Championship

Rothana made his promotional debut at ONE: RISE OF THE KINGDOM in Phnom Penh in September 2014.

However, it was at ONE: AGE OF CHAMPIONS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in March 2015 when he understood the great path he was on.

“When I won my first ONE Championship fight in Phnom Penh, it still felt like an ordinary victory,” says Rothana.

“But when I defeated Ramon Gonzales in Malaysia, I came back home to Cambodia so incredibly happy It was one of the proudest moments in my life.”

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