The Cambodian Mixed Martial Arts Federation Unveils Big Plans At Launch

Earlier this week, Cambodian mixed martial arts took a giant step forward.

On Tuesday, 23 October, the Cambodia Mixed Martial Arts Federation officially launched.

Key figures in Khmer martial arts attended the organization’s first congress meeting, which was held in the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia.

Cambodian Top Team leader and founder Hun Chan Reach has been a part of this process for many years, and has seen first-hand the many efforts of the sport’s evolution in the “Kingdom of Wonder.”

Now, he takes the seat as the General Secretary of the Cambodian Mixed Martial Arts Federation, and he is more than excited for what the future will bring to the sport in his homeland. 

“This is a step towards developing the sport in the proper way,” he explained.

“We have a lot of athletes, but there is no channel for them to showcase their talent.

“Now we want to take it a step further by creating a mixed martial arts federation to help all mixed martial arts gyms and athletes in Cambodia.”

Vice President Soreasmey Ke Bin expressed the importance of the country’s joint effort.

“First thing we need to do is to assess the situation, how many clubs can we count on, and how many fighters too, both here in Cambodia and overseas,” he stated. 

“We need to gather all efforts in order to raise our Cambodian flag higher on the mixed martial arts scene. A lot has been done already, but we can — and we will — do better.

“Through history, Cambodia has often been at war, and our Khmer people have developed large and various sets of martial arts. Mixed martial arts is a great scene to showcase those traditions.”

The federation now looks towards a brighter future where local athletes will have a solid foundation from where to grow as martial artists.

“We want to make things easier for the next generation of mixed martial arts athletes, the up-and-coming fighters, that way, they will have a proper platform and proper training,” Hun added. 

“We’re too small and too young to be competing against each other. It’s all about unity right now. We need to come together to build this sport properly.”

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